What Do Baby Sloths Look Like?

If there is any word that we would ever associate with sloths it is this one:


There is something (or some things) so adorable about these animals. Exactly what, well if you are interested in exploring that topic we recommend this article:

Why do people love sloths? (Duh, they're cute!)

 While generally we find all sloths so adorable, there is a way to take it to the next level. Yes, of course we are talking about baby sloths!

That being said, some people don’t even know what a baby sloth looks like. How could that be?  Well, sloths are shy creatures and generally only have one baby at a time, so seeing them in the wild or at a zoo is a rare sight. Luckily, we have the internet which is full of great pictures of baby sloths. So, if you want to know what baby sloths look like, take a look at this collection:

Baby Sloth Pics

A baby sloth snuggling up against us sounds wonderful, right?  Well, actually, that’s kind of controversial. A strong case can be made that sloths do not like being held by humans. If you are interested in that topic, please read our article Is It Okay to Hold a Sloth? In the meantime, you can still see this picture and recognize the cuteness of the baby sloth in this picture. 

One of the many amazing things about baby sloths is that they are born with the innate superpower that all sloths have to climb. This sloth looks to be a few weeks old and looks like a master climber, but even a newborn baby sloth can immediately cling on to its mother or a tree branch to ensure its safety in the jungle canopy. 

Like many animals on earth, from humans to snakes, sloths can sometimes be albino, that is to say they are devoid of or severely lacking in pigment and have an almost all white color. That’s what we see here, an albino baby sloth from the Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica, an organization dedicated to rescuing sloths and preserving their species.

If a baby sloth in and of itself is maximum cute. What could be a cute overload?  A sleeping baby sloth!

This little guy is absolutely precious. This photo is from the Sloth Institute who actually have a program to rescue baby sloths who have lost the mothers.

So, if one baby sloth sleeping was a cuteness overload, this image here is just far too month. How can you see 2 baby sloths sleeping and cuddling together and not just melt?

Baby Sloth Videos

This is by far the best baby sloth video on the internet! It captures some super cute baby sloth crawling on the ground, and it is edited with a lot of professionalism and creativity. It seems like the baby sloth is chasing after you as the viewer. It’s such a great experience to watch this video!

A sloth video from our collection of baby sloth pins on Pinterest. 

I think you have had plenty of good examples of what a baby sloth looks like. So, what do they sound like? Well, what this video:  What Does a Sloth Say?

Another baby sloth video from our collection on Pinterest. 

How about a basket full of baby sloths? These darlings were rescued by the Jaguar Rescue Center. Have a look at the video here.

Your Very Own Baby Sloth?

Well of course you can’t own a real baby sloth, but these toy sloths are adorable!

While these baby sloth stuffed animals are obviously made for kids, we won’t tell anyone if you buy them for yourself! Grab them today on Amazon.

Another great product is our coloring book that features many baby sloth coloring pages.

Get these sloth coloring pages and many more!

Sloths in Nature: A PopSloth Coloring Book

We hope this was a nice dose of baby sloth cuteness. Keep coming back for more!

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