The Most Unique Sloth Gifts for Sloth Lovers

Whether it be for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, any other special occasions or just for the heck of it, sloth lovers love to get sloth gifts. The sloth is a unique animal, one of the reasons why we love it, so here are some unique sloth gifts that reflect the nature of sloths and that surely appeal to you, or to the sloth lover you want to surprise:

Let's start off with a class fantastic gift. It's the classic from our main supporters, Light Autumn:

This is unique because you don't often get a funny adult message on a sloth: Damn Shawty, You Fine. If you get, then you get it! Most people find it hilarious. We sure do!

You can order it directly from them for just $16.95

Light Autumn has other great sloth products too! Check them out on their webpage.

A Sloth Purse

A sloth will sometimes have her babies hanging in her fur, and any sloth has plenty of other things hanging in there too (see out article: Why Are Sloths Green? An Ecosystem in their Fur). Humans, though, have to carry things in our hands, pockets or in a purse, which is why this purse is a perfect sloth gift.

This is a great little purse that you can purchase on Amazon.

Chala also offers two other sloth purses, which are great sloth gifts for women:

Chala Crescent Crossbody with Adjustable Strap

Chala Mini Crossbody/Purse with Convertible Strap

So now something for the fellas, although the ladies might like this too:

Ask Me Why Im Lazy T Shirt

Get this one in any size from Small to 5X-Large.

Okay, so this one is sexy! And we’re not just saying that because of the model in the picture! This is a very unique sloth t-shirt that is kind of a sloth mask too. It’s a great joke and a fun party trick.  Now, maybe you don’t have abs to show off, you could always wear another shirt below.

You know you want this one. Click here to get yours!

The Famous Onesie

Sloth Kigurumi Onesie Costume

People have been clamoring for a sloth onesie since a contestant on the bachelor showed up in one. Now you can get your very own for less than on Amazon, you can get the perfect sloth costume for Halloween, costume parties, role-playing or just relaxing at home.

Similar to the sloth onesie is the sloth blanket.

Thnapple Slothy Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

Just like a onesie, you could use this as a costume, but it’s also just amazingly comfortable, the perfect thing to wear when relaxing around the house.

A Couple of Mugs

Decodyne Sloth Lazy Funny Coffee Mug

A mug is an easy gift. You can always use a cup of joe, or tea, or whisky… and a mug is perfect for sipping.  Some mugs are just simple images on the side, but the Decodyne Sloth mug gives us a 3D experience, and it will surely grab the eye of anyone, especially someone looking for sloth gifts.

Tervis Sloth Nope Not Today Insulated Tumbler

Now if you love coffee (I do!) and you are prone to spilling (I am!) then maybe a tumbler is more your cup of tea (err coffee). 

Grab either one clicking here (Tumbler or Coffee Mug), or visit our shop for more mug options,

A Robot Sloth You Can Own!

So, we have also talked about robot sloths before (What is a Sloth Robot? A new way to explore!) but in case you didn’t know, you can also own a plush sloth that can move around. While he isn’t exactly sloth-like, it is fun to see a moving sloth in your own living room.

Get one today by clicking here.

Like what you see?  Remember to make the purchases through our links on this page, or visit our shop to buy them or anything else you like.  Every purchase goes to helping keep PopSloth running.

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