The Best Sloth Slippers for Adults and Kids

Summer is fading away into the sunset and the cool fall months and cold winter months are just around the corner. Although sloths are most definitely tropical animals who need the warm temperatures to stay healthy, I think those of us who are sloth loving humans relish the cooler time of year when we have an excuse to do nothing and instead and just bundle up inside and maybe snuggle with someone next to a fire place.

But cold weather requires the right equipment, even indoors. You can’t just walk around inside in your bare feet. You need slippers!  And what better slippers could there be than sloth slippers! We’ll share with you today the PopSloth community’s picks for the best sloth slippers for adults (women and men) as well as the best sloth slippers for kids.

Sloth Slippers for Kids

SlumberzzZ Childrens/Kids Sloth Slippers

This product is new, but we got a pair for a nephew and they are fantastic. The design is extremely cute, long luxurious sloth fur with an adorable sloth face, but with an addition plus you don’t see on all sloth slipper: a sloth arm with sloth claws.

Get a pair for the kid sloth lover in your life in sizes 10/11 or 12/14 on Amazon.

 Sloth Daycare Slippers

We’ll get to slippers for grown-folks shortly, but here is another pair meant for the little ones. These are sloth slippers for toddlers. While these slippers aren’t as ‘slothy’ as the others (no fur) they are adorable and have a great image of a sleepy sloth with winter hat on. This design is a bit more durable than the others (if you have been around a toddler then you know why) and will be a great gift for the sloth-loving preschooler who has a birthday coming up.

These are available in a variety of toddler sizes through Amazon Prime.

Sloth Slippers for Women

Snoozies Womens Slippers Furry Foot Pals

Sloths seem like the perfect animal for slippers. Their fur is so easily represented by the fuzziness of warm slippers, and just having a sloth face on your feet is so great!  Imagine getting a bit down because of gloomy weather and when your shoulders slump and you head hangs down, you look at the floor and see these guys:

You can get this pair for yourself or the sloth loving woman that you love for on Amazon.

Youngfine Novelty 3D House Slippers

Santa Sloth? The sloths that will be keeping your feet warm come decked with a Santa style hat and it looks like each of them are bringing you a gift! These will be the perfect sloth slippers to have on Christmas morning while sipping some hot cocoa and opening the gifts that Father Christmas brought the family!

Get yours today so that you have them before Christmas. They are about on Amazon.

Sloth Slippers for Men

Happy Feet Kids and Adult Animal Slippers

These slippers were famously a part of the Shark Tank TV program, getting support for members of the Shark Tank team.  Have a look at the video:

This are a very popular product, and for us, even more popular with this sloth design.

These are my favorite sloth slippers for one particular reason:  it looks like 2 baby sloths are hugging your feet and keeping them warm!

We are featuring these as sloth slippers for men, but they can be worn by women or kids as well. So these are the perfect gift to consider for any and every sloth lover in your life. You won’t regret this purchase.  Get your pair (or pairs) by clicking on this link.

Finally, please forgive us for cheating a little bit. We have two good reasons: i) there aren’t a lot of sloth slippers for men and ii) these are really cool sloth slippers to combine with a sloth onesie.  So here they are:

Lazy One Animal Paw Slippers

So, these slippers are not “sloth” paws, per se, but just generic “animal” paws. Sloths back feet are narrower, the claws are closer together, and the claws are longer. But hey, in a pinch, these will do, right?  And in fact, they would look perfectly fine on your feet if you were dressed as a sloth.  I am sure some of you saw these and liked these better than any of the other slippers. If so, help us out by getting a pair through this link.

Likewise, if you want to check out some recommendations for sloth onesies (and other special sloth gifts) please take a look at our article The Most Unique Sloth Gifts for Sloth Lovers

And one final shameless plug: Since in winter time we need someone to snuggle with, how about a sloth stuffed animal, you can find some great ones here: The Best and Most Adorable Sloth Stuffed Animals

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