The best and most adorable sloth stuffed animals

Don’t you love sloth stuffed animals? We are sure that you have quite the collection of sloth stuffed animals. However, we are sure you are looking to have more sloth plush friends around, so we have a list of them for you.

Full disclosure: PopSloth has been set up and is maintained by the fine folks at Light Autumn LLC. So, of course we are going to give their products some special love, but there are sloth stuffed animals from lots of companies out there, so we’ll talk about them too.

1. “Shawty You Fine” Sloth

This adorable, but kind of cheeky, sloth is a great Valentine’s Day gift for your “shawty”, or for any time you want to show bae she or he is special. The long fur is very natural-like and the face is adorable. The arms are holding a heart and can actually be draped around you (or bae) as if the sloth is hugging you.  

Our partners at Light Autumn are great at making high quality plush sloths with a good design and, their speciality, a heart with a special saying on it. Be on the lookout for the others on this list! 

Get him today directly from Light Autumn by clicking here!

2. Cuddly Sloth Teddy – Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12″ Plush

Cute Sloth Teddy Toy

This adorable sloth teddy is made with the highest quality materials and is extra durable! He is incredibly cuddly and you’ll have comfy nights snuggling up with him.

3. Hanging Sloth Teddy – Wild Republic Hanging 3 Toed Sloth


Cute Hanging Sloth Toy

This incredibly cute hanging sloth toy is snugglier than it looks! It’s very soft and has velcro on its hands so you can wrap it around yourself. It can hold its own weight if you want to dangle it off something as well!

4. "I Love You Slow Much" Sloth

This sloth plush toy builds on the success of Light Autumn’s previous hit (“Damn Shawty You Fine”), this time with a great sloth pun: “I Love You SLOOOW Much”.

If you love someone slow much too, and you know they love sloths, this is a great gift for them.

Again, the great Light Autumn sloth stuffed animal design is in place here. 

5. LuLezon Very Soft Three Toed Sloth

This sloth has soft natural looking fur, sloth representations of claws, and an overall realistic look to him. Unlike some of our favorites that sit in an upright position that a sloth would really do, this guy lies on the ground the way we might expect to see a sloth in its natural habitat. We mean, if it wasn’t in a tree!

6. Bearington Simon Plush Three Toed Sloth Stuffed Animal

This is one of the most detailed and realistic looking sloths you can buy!  He is 10” tall, his name is Simon and he has a cute little smile. 

7. Light Autumn Sloth Gifts - Three Toed Sloth Stuffed Animal

This is the only Light Autumn sloth ‘without a heart’. Even though he doesn’t have a heart message, he is still loveable. The folks at Light Autumn made the arms a bit longer on this guy, so he is even better at hanging on things.

We don’t know how you could see how he hangs there and not already be ordering him!

Get him from Light Autumn's website:

8. Adopt a Sloth Stuffed Animal

This is a great option for kids who love sloths. There are two baby sloths with their gift certificates. This is an experience kids love, making their plush pet sloths seem more real and giving them a sense of responsibility to them.

And who doesn’t love a good sloth pun. On the t-shirt that one of the sloths is wearing it says: 

“I love hanging with you.”

9. “Naptime and Chill” Sloth

Another great offering from Light Autumn. As you can seem, he can hang on you the way the other Light Autumn sloth stuffed animals can, and he has the trademark heart, this time with a message letting the one you love know that you are down from some “naptime and chill” (if you know what we mean!)

Of course if you ask us, you should get all 4 Light Autumn Sloths.

10. Baby Sloth Toy – Simon Sloth

Baby Sloth Toy Teddy

This cute baby sloth is fun to cuddle with and is really soft. You can carry him around with you or you can leave him hanging off something for extra cuteness!

Still want more?

Do you have these sloths in your collection?  Send us pictures and we’ll share them.  Do you have other sloth stuffed animals that you love and want to be on the list?  Contact us on social media and let us know.

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