The 5 Best Sloth Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away. It’s time to find the perfect sloth costume and get it ordered, right?  And we know that a sloth is exactly what you want to be whether you are going trick-or-treating, receiving trick-or-treaters, or have some other spooky celebrations in mind, these are the best sloth costumes that we have seen.

Three Toed Sloth, from Karoline Hinz

Without a question, this is the best sloth costume we have seen. However, before you fall in love with it, beware that it is a custom made by Karoline Hinz, an artist and propmaker in Berlin, Germany. Whether she sells this costume or not isn’t clear, nor any potential price. However, it would be absolutely amazing to have a costume like this!

Feel free to contact the artist directly and see if there is a way to purchase her work!  Here is a link to her website.

Forum Novelties - Sloth Costume

This one is the closest one we could find that comes close to the Karoline Hinz costume. This is a great sloth costume for adults. It’s a large one-size-fits all model. Because of that, if you are on the smaller side just be prepared to make some alterations to it so it fits you better. Otherwise, it is great because it does cover the entire body, has a realistic face, and has claws on both the feet and hands. Jump on Amazon today and get this guy so you can be all slothed-out for Halloween.

Sloth Kigurumi Onesie Costume

A sloth costume for adults that might be a little bit more comfortable is this sloth onesie. This became popular when it made an appearance being worn by a contestant on The Bachelor. This onesie can be a comfortable costume for Halloween, but instead of being put away in your closet until next Halloween, you can use it during the cold months to keep warm! You can order in the sizes Adult and Adult XL on Amazon.

Ice Age Sid the Sloth Child Costume

So, what about getting the whole family dressed-up as sloths for Halloween? This costume makes that easier for kids because it is the beloved character Sid from Ice Age. We all hold Sid in a special place because he was one of the very first, and one of the most popular, sloth characters ever on the big screen. If your child is a fan of the Ice Age series, they’ll love this Sid costume and you can all go trick-or-treating as sloths.

Tonwhar Toddler Infant Hooded Romper Jumpsuit

And baby gets to be part of the fun too! This is an adorable way to dress your littlest one up as a sloth for Halloween, or any other time you just want to be overloaded by cuteness. A satisfied Amazon customer had this glowing review:

“I originally purchased this as a costume for my two year old. I wasn't sure about the fit because my son is bigger than a normal two year old, but I am so glad that it fit him. I got the biggest size they offer which is 110 (24 months to 30 months). He loves it and he likes to wear it everywhere. I always have to fight him to get it off. Its so comfortable and cozy, just like pajamas. The quality of the material succeeded my expectations. You definitely get more than what you pay for with this product. If I could give it more stars I would. I definitely recommend this product for all moms who want their kids to be comfortable. This is not just a costume it can also be fun pajamas for kids. For sure I will check out what else Tonwhar has to offer.”

Get it on Amazon.

Rubie's Pet Costume

When we said to include the whole family in the sloth Halloween, we meant the whole family. This costume that you can purchase on Etsy is sloth costume for pets, either dogs or cats. This dog doesn’t look too happy to have a costume on, but hey, it’s just once a year and he really looks cute!

If you get this sloth costume for your dog or cat, please take a picture and send it to us!

As always, as much as we think of ourselves here at PopSloth as the experts in all things sloth, there are certainly sloth costumes for adults, kids, babies or pets that might be better than these. Tell us about your experience. Share your pictures with us. We’ll be happy to include your contributions on and share them with the sloth lover community.  Get in touch with us.

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