10 Endearing Photos of Sloths with Baby Sloths

If we haven’t said this before, let’s make it clear: Sloths are cute! And one of the most adorable images you can have of a sloth is a mother sloth with her baby.

We can be sure that we are seeing a mother sloth (and not a father sloth) and that we are seeing just one baby because of sloth reproductive habits. The sloth fathers, like many animals, play no roles in a baby’s upbringing, and sloths, like humans, generally only give birth to one baby, rather than a litter of multiple infants like many other animals. For more information on sloth reproduction, and particular the lives of baby sloths, see our article Everything you want to know about Baby Sloths! 

This two-toed baby sloth was born in the summer of 2020 at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island.  The zoo held a fundraising contest to name the sloth, and the winner was: Beany. That name was given in memory of a sloth-loving teenager who lost his life due to illness earlier in the summer.  

This beautiful picture of a Brown-throated 3-toed sloth with a baby was taken at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. You can actually purchase a print, in various sizes, from the website houzz.com

Other beautiful prints of sloth photographs are also available from Houzz, including another one we will feature in this collection. Full disclosure, PopSloth does receive a financial benefit if you click on the link and make a purchase. Remember, this is the main way we can keep this community going!

This photograph was taken by Raquel Cruz Alpizar in Panama and submitted to be published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The sloths’ names are Kate and Leticia. They look very relaxed in this picture!


In this picture from animalfactsencyclopedia.com you see how comfortable sloths are in trees. Even though the mother sloth is just hanging there and the baby hanging on to her, there is no worry about anything unfortunate happening to the baby because the mother is a remarkably skilled climber and the baby sloth is also born with a remarkable ability to hold on and climb itself.

Sloth do virtually everything from the branches of trees. Included in that: giving birth. Just minutes before this photograph was taken, this mother and baby were going through a scary  moment. The baby sloth had been born but almost fell to the forest floor. Only the umbilical cord saved the baby sloth from falling.  You can read more about this even that was witnessed and recorded by scientific researchers in an article from sciencealert.com.

This amazing photograph was taken by Suzi Eszterhas in Costa Rica. The mother sloth, although hanging upside-down, is fully attentive and looking right at the photographer, while the baby sloth is nested comfortably on its mother’s chest and belly, eyes closed, probably asleep.  Suzi has this and other amazing sloth photographs for sale on her website.

This baby was born in 2014 at the Franklin Park Zoo, part of Zoo New England. After the birth the head of that organization, John Linehan shared these words:

“We are thrilled to share the news of this exciting birth. As with any baby, we are closely monitoring the infant’s health, but so far the baby is doing well and holding on tightly to its mother. People are often fascinated by these unusual creatures and we’re delighted that so many will have the unique opportunity to watch this baby grow up.”

This baby sloth holding on to its mother fur, has just been born minutes before this photo was taken. All this happened at the Denver Zoo in 2018.

This sloth was born at the Virginia Zoo. From the magazine People:

On March 8, the Virginia Zoo welcomed its first-ever baby sloth — a bundle of joy for first-time sloth parents Honey and Mervin. According to the zoo, baby two-toed sloths weigh up to 1 pound at birth and come into the world covered in fur, with nails and teeth in place and eyes wide open.

And if you love baby sloths. check this out:

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