Our Favorite Sloth Tattoos Designs

The sloth is such a special and unique animal that it has an extremely endearing effect on those of us who love them. That’s why this website exists. That love is also why we have sloth shirts, sloth pillows, sloth mugs, and just about any kind of sloth product. What about a sloth tattoo?

A sloth tattoo is a huge commitment. While tattoos are become more and more common, for some of us (like me) the idea of having anyth/ing on your skin permanently is a really big deal. So, if we are going to get a sloth tattoo we have some important questions. Will it hurt? Is it expensive? And given that it’s going to be so permanent, how can we find a really good sloth tattoo design and an artist who will make it look amazing

To solve this, we reached out to the sloth lover community to see who had some great sloth skin art and asked them about their experience. These are some great sloth tattoo ideas, and it’s great hearing about the love these people have for sloths.

A Colorful Realistic Sloth Tattoo Design

This is Haley’s sloth tattoo. This is a big piece of inkwork. Haley shared that this was all done in one day, taking about six or seven hours. As far as pain goes, she said it was fine except for the lower part with the flower, where she did feel some pain.

This sloth tattoo design was created by a tattoo artist in the United Kingdom, Ben Carsile. He both came up with the artistic design and put ink to skin to give haley this beautiful colorful tattoo she will always have to show her love for sloths.

Besides this sloth tattoo, Haley also boosts other sloth products, her phone case, multiple mugs, her make up bag, and lots of photos and sloth art around her house. Regarding her love of sloths and her sloth tattoo she says:

“I have always been fascinated with sloths from a young age, even sitting in zoos watching them for hours, so when Ben posted the design, I had to have it done! ”

Please check out Ben’s work on his website http://www.bencarlisletattoo.co.uk/ .

A Great Simple Sloth Tattoo Design

So, as much as you love Haley’s tattoo, maybe you don’t necessarily want to spend 7 hours getting it done nor end up with your entire leg covered… at least not yet. So, how about something a bit subtler. That’s where Natalie’s tattoo comes in.

This sloth tattoo idea came from images that Natalie found on Google. She took it to Skin City Ink & Steel in her hometown in Wyoming. There the tattoo artist Ali helped her make a dream come true in less than half an hour and at the affordable price of $25.

Natalie says that she has always loved sloths and considered them here spirit animal. She is excited that she will get to see a sloth in person at an upcoming trip to the zoo.

If you feel the same way as Natalie and want an easy sloth tattoo idea, this one is it!

Steven's Sloth Tattoo Design

So, let’s take the Goldilocks path, looking for a sloth tattoo idea that’s not too complicated an ordeal, but also kind of on the realistic side. The example for this tattoo is Steven’s sloth tattoo:

This work was done by a tattoo artist with EmpyReal Tattoo named Valerie who you can find on Instagram as hawktail_82. It took her about an hour and a half to put this fantastic design on Steven’s arm and he is very happy with it.

“she did a great job.” -Steven

Mother Daughter Sloth Tattoos

A sloth lover named Jeannine just got this amazing tattoo done on her back. It is a sloth with baby tattoo that represents the connection Jeannine has with her own daughter and their shared love of sloths.

“They've been my favorite animal since I was a kid. I just think they're adorable and cute and super interesting. Now my daughter loves sloths so I just had to get [this tattoo]”

Jeannine got the sloth tattoo design and the ink work done by an artist called Ducky (check out Ducky’s work on Instagram). He worked on her from from 10:45 in the morning to 5:15 in the afternoon. According to Jeannine getting the tattoo did hurt in some areas, but was mostly painless or even tickled in others.

Here is another mother-daughter sloth tattoo design. This one has the mother slothing on a branch (which is actually a sunflower) and a baby sloth hanging out to the side. These tattoos belong to a sloth loved named Morgan and her mother. The idea behind the tattoo is that Morgan loves sloths and her mother loves sunflowers, so they combined the two into one tattoo.

As far as the actual experience of getting the ink work done:

“It hurt a little bit near the top of it but overall not too bad pain wise. It took about an hour and 40 minutes for me, and an hour 40 for my mom to get hers, People comment on it all the time; they usually love it!”

Morgan also shared with us why she was so inspired to get a sloth tattoo:

“Sloths have been my favorite animal ever since I was assigned to make a diorama on them in third grade. I've been collecting sloth items since.”

The sloth tattoo was done by Deanna at Rite of Passage Tattoo Shop in Victor, New York.

A Baby Sloth Tattoo

This sloth tattoo was done by Martha Pranckuviene. Please check out her Pinterest page to see other work that she has done. The sloth lover who got the cute baby sloth tattoo is named Mikaila. She shared her experience:

“It took about 2 hours, only thing that hurt was the white shading and I have people comment on it all the time!”
“I've always just been so fascinated by sloths there was no real reason for getting one tattooed other than simply loving them.”

Best Use of Color in A Sloth Tattoo 

Nicole got this design done by her brother, who works at Atlas Body Art in Tallahassee, Florida. This colorful sloth tattoo looks almost like a photograph printed on Nicole’s skin. It’s really amazing. 

While most people who have gotten tattoos of sloths have said the process was very easy, Nicole had a different experience:

”This tattoo really hurt because it is on my left shin/inner leg and I have very sensitive shins.  It took almost 4 hours.”

But she thinks it was worth it:

“I have gotten a lot of compliments on it.”

You can see more of her brother’s design’s on Instagram: inktopher720

We hope you enjoyed seeing the sloth tattoos and learning about the tattoo experience. These images could serve as sloth tattoo ideas in case you are ready to get some ink done on your skin!

As always, let us know if you have other sloth tattoo ideas that you think the PopSloth community would be interested in, please share them with us!

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