Keep Warm with These Sloth Blankets

Did you have a fun summer? We hope that, despite everything, your summer was enjoyable, but it’s time to start thinking about cold weather since fall is right around the corner. With the cooler temperatures coming, do you have the blankets you need?  How about a sloth blanket? 

If anyone you know has a birthday in fall or winter, or if you want to get your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping done early, these sloth blankets would be great sloth gifts for a birthday or sloth Christmas gifts.

LOONG DESIGN Black Sleep Sloth Throw Blanket 

This blanket is in black and white, so it will easily combine with almost any decor. The design is highly detailed of a sloth sleeping on the moon. Kind of a wild design, but it is really beautiful.  It also has a message that says “I sleep to the moon and back.”

A happy customer offered this review:

“My son is obsessed with sloths and warm, soft blankets. This met both of his most important criteria when it comes to a good night's sleep. He adores it! I would buy it again in a minute.”

Thnapple Slothy Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

Once it gets nippy outside, it sure would be nice to lay around inside and pretend that you are a sloth in the tropical rainforest. Well this sloth blank not only keeps you warm, it makes you look like a sloth!  It’s almost a sloth onesie, with a hood like a sloth head and gloves like sloth claws!

ARIGHTEX Sloth Bed Sofa Soft Throw Blanket

This blanket is covered in sloths, lazy sloths in pajamas, sloths listening to music, and few just chilling out. You can get this in two sizes, 50 x 60 inches or 60 x 80 inches.

A buyer on Amazon provided this review:

“Bought this for my besties bday. It was much more than I had expected. The print on the blanket is clear, vibrant, and exactly as pictured! It is soft, lightweight but, warm, and a good size for snuggles. Very impressed”

Sharp Shirter Stripper Sloth Blanket

Well, this one isn’t as G-rated as most of the products we recommend, but it is hilarious and beautiful in it’s own way. Sloths have special abilities to hang and maneuver in trees. Wouldn’t those skills translate well to pole-dancing? I guess maybe a sort of slow motion striptease.

If you find this sloth tantalizing, you can purchase this blanket on Amazon $54.99.

LOONG DESIGN Pink Lazy Sloth Throw Blanket 

A fantastic creative design with a beautiful color scheme, a cute sloth image, and a funny phrase: I’m lazy and I know it.

A customer described this blanket as such:

“This blanket is cute, soft, lightweight yet warm. Granddaughter loved it.”

ChriHome Flannel Blanket 3D Sloth Blanket

As far as printed designs of sloths go, this is as amazing as they come. You see amazing detail and some lovely sloth images in vibrant colors!  If you have a rainforest motif in your bedroom or living room, this would be the perfect blanket!

Treasure Trades Stuffed Sloth Lovey 

This is a small blanket (12 X 12 inches), sort of a security blanket, also known as a lovey. It’s basically a hybrid between a sloth blank and a sloth stuffed animal. This product would be a great gift for a young child (or a grown child) who loves sloth. Also, it would be a great sloth gift for a baby shower.

Someone on Amazon says:

“My son received his first “Slothy” as we call it, as a Christmas gift when he was 8 weeks old. He loved it immediately. Slept with it every night. It quickly and surprisingly became his comfort object. One day while we were out, our dog got Slothy out of the bed and chewed his arm off! (We we’re devastated! And terrified our sweet boy wouldn’t sleep.) Luckily I found this exact same Slothy and it was here next Day! It really is my baby’s favorite thing!”

Like always, we are happy to promote other sloth products. If you know of a great sloth blanket, we’d be happy to include it in our list!

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