The 10 Funniest Sloth T-Shirts

So, we basically live in a time when a t-shirt is an appropriate top for 90% of activities. Because of this, t-shirts are now one of the best ways to show off who you are, showing the teams you root for and the kind of sense of humor we have.

Since we are all #TeamSloth and we obviously have a great sense of humor, here is our list of the 10 Funniest Sloth T-shirts.

1. Tstars Men's - Sloth Running Team T-Shirt

Available in 8 sizes, from Small to 5X-Large, and in 3 colors: Gray, Green and Blue.

So, we said humor was a part of the popularity of t-shirts, and irony is one of the key elements of comedy.  What could be more ironic than a sloth running team? If you pay even closer attention there is a second phrase: LETS NAP INSTEAD

This is a perfectly slothy shirt!

2. TUONROAD Short Sleeve Graphic Tees Crewneck 

This shirt is available for children in 3 different sizes, according to their age.

Another key element in humor is absurdity. What could be more absurd than a sloth riding a llama? This is a shirt that your children, grandchildren or nieces and nephews will love, whether they are sloth lovers or not.

3. Spirit Animal Sloth 

Available in 4 sizes, from Small to Extra Large.

This light gray tank top has a great picture of a sloth and is denoted as your ‘spirit animal”.  You know that the sloth is your spirit animal, you should let the rest of the world know too!

Get your shirt today!

4. KALOXI Women Eff You See Kay Why Oh You Shirt Cute Sloth Graphic Funny Shirt

This one is offered in 5 sizes, from Small to XX-Large, and in 4 colors, pink, grey, green and black.

Again, we get some delicious irony and a pretty fun sloth pun. While we think of sloths as these easy-going kind animals, just like us, they have an attitude too.  So, this sloth is spelling something out for us: Eff-(F) You-(U)...C… ohhh… We think you can spell out the rest.

If you want to show you are a sloth lover but have a little spunk to you as well, get this shirt on Amazon today!

5. Lazy One V-Neck Nightshirts for Women, Animal Designs

So, this is a night shirt, but what could be a better shirt to sleep in than a sloth nightshirt.

We sloth lovers tend to be a little slow-natured all the time, but especially in the morning.

This is available 2 sizes, Small/Medium and Large/X-Large.

Get yours today!

6. Ask Me Why Im Lazy T Shirt

Get this one in any size from Small to 5X-Large.

Okay, so this one is sexy! And we’re not just saying that because of the model in the picture! This is a very unique sloth t-shirt that is kind of a sloth mask too. It’s a great joke and a fun party trick.  Now, maybe you don’t have abs to show off, you could always wear another shirt below.

You know you want this one. Click here to get yours!

7. Southern Couture SC Classic Hang in There Sloth

A simple product available in one color (green) and just in medium.

We had to include this one because it has a great sloth pun. While people may criticize sloths for being so sloth, sloths deserve a lot of respect for their ability to keep hanging on. Sometimes we need encouragement to be more like a sloth, not in the slow sense, but in the sense of using our strength to keep holding on to our dreams the same way sloths hold on to trees.

Get one on Amazon!

7. Mens Serial Chiller T Shirt 

This is a sloth t-shirt for men available in one color (gray) and sizes from Small to 5X-Large.

Okay, so this one isn’t for everyone. Quite clearly this sloth is smoking something that is only legal in a few states and countries, but the sloth pun game on this one is strong—serial chiller because you are always chilling. Pretty cute!

Get one for your favorite stoner sloth lover.

9. Sloth Hiking Team 

This shirt is available in 15 different colors and sizes from Small to 3X-Large.

So, sloth running team was funny, so let’s keep that bit going with “sloth hiking team”. A lot of sloth lovers also love being in nature and hiking is a wonder wall to enjoy the natural world. However, there are people who take hiking to be a competitive sport and try to do it as fast as possible. Not us! So, let everyone know how you think hiking should be done.

Available on Amazon.

Sloth t-shirt are great and these are just a few of the ones we found the funniest. Be sure and visit our shop to find other great sloth shirts and fun sloth products.

If you know of a great shirt, maybe one you designed, and you think it should be on the list. Let us know!

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