The Best Sloth Characters from TV and Movies

As the love we have for sloths becomes something shared by more and more people around the world, TV and film producers are taking note. Sloth cartoon characters have become more prominent in some of the major productions from the biggest companies in Hollywood.

What are some of the best sloth cartoon characters? Well, we would have to say Sid the sloth, and his love interest Brooke from Ice Age,  as well as Flash and Priscilla from Zootopia. Let’s look at what makes these characters so special for sloth lovers and look at a few other sloth cartoon characters.

Sid from Ice Age

Ice Age is one of the most successful cartoon movie franchises of all time. The original Ice Age along with the sequels (Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age: Continental Drift) have generated revenue of over $6 billion for Disney and Fox Studios.

Sid the Sloth has been part of the series since the beginning, and when he appeared in the original Ice Age movie in 2002, this marked one of the earliest appearances of a sloth cartoon character as a principal part of any movie. For a lot of sloth lovers seeing Sid on the big screen (or on TV) was without a doubt an important moment in discover your love of sloths, or in feeling that others appreciated our lazy forest friends.

Sid, along with his companions Manny (a wooly mammoth) and Diego (a saber-toothed tiger) started their prehistoric adventures in Ice Age by trying to help a human being get reunited with its family,. The trio continued their adventures in other films, up to the most recent, Ice Age: Collision Course, released in 2016. They made new friends, ran from dinosaurs and traveled all around, even into space!

Sloths in the actual Ice Age were the giant ground sloths that no longer exist, but since people are more familiar with the tree-dwelling modern sloths, Sid looks much more like a three-toed sloth. However, he does have strong hind legs and moves around comfortably standing on them, which a modern sloth couldn’t do. Also, he is quicker and more agile than a real sloth, as noted in this video of him dancing: 

Sid’s role in the Ice Age films is mostly of comic relief. He is voiced by comedic actor John Leguizamo.  His voice has a nerdy quality to it and he often says things that are, well, dumb.  Although Sid gets abandoned by his own family and sometimes his ideas are not appreciated by his friends, he is very caring and extremely loyal. That loving aspect of Sid makes him seem how we would imagine real sloths feel about their family and friends, and I think most of us who love sloths are the kind of people who have a lot of love to give, and have a need to receive a lot of love.

Some saying that reflect Sid’s character:

“Doesn’t anyone love me? Doesn’t anyone care about Sid the Sloth?!” 
“When we work together, we can fix any mistake I make.”
“Bad news is just good news in disguise.”

Although Sid was abandoned by his own family and even though his relationship with Manny and Diego wasn’t always the best, by the end of the first Ice Age movie they form their own herd, giving Sid the feeling of belonging he longs for.

Sid’s loving nature leads him to take on a parental role with the young animals they encounter. This eventually leads to Sid caring for some dinosaur eggs and co-parenting the hatchlings once the dinosaur mother returns. Another unexpected return is that of Sid’s family, who seek him out but, as it turns out, only to leave him to take care of Granny. Although this disappoints him, he does love and care for his granny.

As far as love goes, eventually things do get better for Sid, when he meets another sloth cartoon character, Brooke.

Brooke from Ice Age

Sid, along with Manny and Diego, had some crazy adventures. One led them to a place called Geotopia, where magical crystals kept the residents young and beautiful.  Once of those youthful beauties is the sloth Brooke.

Brooke notices the arrival of the trio of protagonists and is very excited (visitors to Geotopia are rare) but once she sees Sid she literally falls in love with him. She takes Sid on a tour of Geotopia and they start spending time together. Sid awkwardly tries to flirt with Brooke, which she loves. 

Brooke proposes marriage to Sid, and he of course agrees. Because they are to get married, Sid pulls a diamond from a wall which ends up causing the destruction of Geotopia. WIth the magical crystal destroyed, the residents of Geotopia turn old and gray. Despite this the love between Brooke and Sid continues to be true. However, when Sid has to return home, Brooke decides that their now apparent age difference is too much and that she should stay behind in the ruins of Geotopia.

However, later they are reunited and Brooke sings this song to Sid:

While we mostly picture sloths as awkward sloppy creatures, Brooke is very much an elegant and graceful character. She has a long flowing hair with flowers on top of her head. She speaks with a London accent.

If you want to relive those memories of Sid and Brook in the Ice Age movies, (or if you haven't seen it yet!) you cam purchase the original:

(Brooke isn't on that one 😔)

Or you can get the entire Ice Age collection on Blue Ray:

Flash Slothmore, Zootopia

Another Disney production that features sloth cartoon characters, is Zootopia. This film came out in 2016 and was one of the most successful movies of that year. While Ice Age has animals living in a natural setting, in Zootopia the animals are more human-like, living in a city and acting as humans would.

While not one of the main characters, a few adorable sloth characters do appear. One them is Flash Slothmore.

Unlike Sid from Ice Age, Flash Slothmore is actually much more sloth-like in his appearance and in his actions. He is incredibly slow, although he is the fastest sloth at his job at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. Perhaps his relative quickness inspired his name, or maybe it is ironic (a sloth named ‘Flash’, get it?),

Although it is not known how, Flash is friends with one of Zootopia’s main characters, Nick Wilde. Nick and the other protagonist, Judy Hops, seek help from Flash, and he helps them in a very friendly way, as we might expect a sloth to do. Also, just like a sloth, Flash does his job in a very slow and deliberate manner.  This is probably a joke about DMV workers in the human world, who are known to be slow. 

Here is that scene from the movie:

In the film it is apparent that Flash has a crush on Priscilla Tripletoe, another sloth character. Although it seems like the female sloth doesn’t return Flash’s affection early on, the movie ends with the two of them dancing together.

Priscilla Tripletoe, Zootopia

Priscilla Tripletoe is a female three-toed sloth that appears as a minor character in Zootopia. She works with Flash Slothmore at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. Again, in this movie the sloths look much more like real life sloths, just with human clothing and human attitudes.

Priscilla only appears briefly in the film, but the remarkable thing about her appearance is that she is voiced by Kristen Bell. Yes, that Kristen Bell, the one who is crazy about sloths. If you aren’t aware of this actresses’ fascination with sloths, please check out this article here:

Now of course we are disappointed that Priscilla and Flash do not appear more in the Zootopia film, but they do make an appearance in a comic book all about Flash called Quick As A Flash!

If you want to see this see Zootopia, click here to order it:

Other sloth characters

Sakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking, are all characters in Pokemon, that is to say they are all pokemon (pokemons, pokemen?). While Pokemon is video came and a card game, there is also a series of anime cartoon, movies, and manga associated with the franchise, and Slakoth makes plenty of appearances.

Now, Slakoth isn’t officially a sloth because he is a pokemon (we think) but he is meant to represent a sloth for sure. The name “Slakoth” is sort of a pun, combining the word ‘slack’ as in ‘slack off’ with the word sloth. In the game, a Slakoth can do a move called the Slack Off (say that 3 times fast) to regain energy. This character lives in the tropical rainforest and can swim.  The pokemon also has a very sloth-like appearance and behavior, being very slow.

As with most pokemon, Slakoth can evolve into a different form, first into Vigoroth, which is sort of like a sloth, but seems more like an abominable snowman. The final form of Slakoth is Slaking (the king of slack?) who is kind of like a combination of the previous two forms.

Snook the Sloth, It’s a Big Big World

Snook is a giant pale-throated sloth on the children’s program It’s a Big Big World. He is slow and likes to nap, like a real sloth, but is very wise and teaches children lessons about science.

Belt, The Croods

Belt is a sloth who is the pet of one of the main characters in The Croods.  He is so very cute, but we didn’t feature him as predominantly because a) he is much more of a side-character and b) the movie isn’t nearly as good as Ice Age or Zootopia.

That’s the end of the list for now. We hope to see new sloth characters in upcoming productions, and if we missed any other, please let us know.

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