10 of the Most Slothful Sloth Puns

Those of us who are sloth lovers also seem to love other things.  So many fans of sloths are also fans of chilling out, wine, and coffee (or at least we need coffee to act like normal humans!). Another overlap of fandom seems to be puns. We love a good sloth joke, especially in pun form.

We have collected here a few of our favorite sloth puns. Some of these have been included on our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Please follow those accounts to get more sloth puns, sloth memes, cute sloth pics, and to stay up to date with our content. Also, some of the sloth puns appear on products you can buy. If you would like to help us keep adding great sloth content PopSloth, click on the links in the article to purchase the products. Also, visit our shop for other great products!

Here are a few puns specifically using the word sloth.


Here we have a perfect storm of things we love: sloths, coffee and puns!

I love drinking out of this mug because it reminds me of why I need coffee! So, whenever you need that caffeine to feel human again, don’t forget your true sloth nature and call it sloffee.

"Slothful Evil"

The next one is for the gamers, specifically the fans of RPGs (role-playing games). On this type of games you can design your character, including their moral nature. This started with the game Dungeons and Dragons, where you can designate your character’s moral nature on 2 scales. One that ranges from Lawful to Chaotic and another that varies from Good to Evil. So, if you are a good guy who doesn’t play by the rules, you are Chaotic Good, while on the other side there are people who follow the rules but are evil deep down, thus, Lawful Evil.

So, what have some ingenious funny people done?  They have replaced the word lawful with the word slothful. And that gives us this:

If you know someone who is both a fan of RPGs and sloths, this is THE PERFECT GIFT for them.

Of course there are versions for the non-evil slothful people too:


Being slothful and relaxed gives us a lot of time to think. This sometimes gives us a philosophical nature… or better said a philoSLOTHical nature!  If you like that pun, you can get it on a shirt also:


Hey, but just because we might be sloth-like, doesn’t mean we don’t have class. We are slophisticated!

You can find this pun on a notebook and a t-shirt on Amazon. 

"Drop It Like A Sloth"

Snoop Dogg's monster hit from 2004 Drop It Like It's Hot, but in sloth form.

You can get this as a Window Stick for your Car, a Long-sleeved T-Shirt, or a Notebook

"The Sloth Side"

The pun might be a bit of a stretch, but the Force is NOT strong with this one.

"Let's Get Slothed"

Getting sloshed on wine, at least a little bit, seems to be something a lot of sloth lovers enjoy. So combine your love of vino and your favorite forest creatures is this sloth pun wine glass.

or if you prefer to get slothed on beer:

Slothish Puns

So, I suppose that a true sloth pun actually uses the word sloth, right? Well, you'll have to forgive these sloth-adjecent quasi-puns:

"Hang In There"


"I Love You SLOW Much"

We couldn't do a list of sloth-related puns without featuring this guy, who is sold by Light Autumn.

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So, are there any sloth puns that we missed? Hit us up on social media and let us know.



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