10 Best Sloth Names (Fiction and IRL)

As sloth fans we certainly have a dream of having a sloth buddy of our own. Of course, we would never own a sloth (because it’s illegal and extremely difficult, see our article Can I Buy a Sloth?). However, you can certainly adopt a sloth (more about that later) or you could get a stuffed sloth animal and name him or her. For that, of course, you can choose from some of our favorites or visit our Sloth Shop.

So, if we had a sloth friend, what would we call him? Are there famous sloth names? Or really funny sloth names? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Famous Sloth Characters

Sid the Sloth…

...or his love interest, Brooke

Obviously the Ice Age movies were a great moment for sloth lovers because we finally saw our favorite animal portrayed in a major motion picture. Both Sid and Brooke are lovable characters (with their own flaws) that deserve to have a real sloth named after them. If the Ice Age movies bring back wonderful memories, or if you have never had a chance to see them yes, you can get them on blue-ray or DVD... grab the original on Amazon, or get the complete set.

And in that same vein we have Flash Slothmore from Zootopia…

And the female sloth he wants to ask on a date, Priscilla Tripletoe.

Zootopia’s sloth characters were also a great moment for sloth fans, as the sloth cartoon characters were so funny and also beautiful animated. Likewise, the name Flash for a sloth is a hilariously ironic name, which we’ll include in another list of funny sloth names. 

A few other famous sloth characters whose names might work for a real sloth or a sloth toy could be:  Belt, the sloth from The Croods, Snook, a sloth character from a program called It’s a Big World, or the names of the sloth-inspired Pokemon, Sakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking,.

We wrote an article on the best sloth charters that we hope you check out (The Best Sloth Characters from TV and Movies).

Funny Sloth Names

There is a certain humor in sloths. They are ridiculously slow and very unusual creatures. It seems fitting that they get a funny name. Here are a few and the reason why they work as funny sloth names.

Flash - This name is ironic because there is nothing flashy about sloths.

Speedy - See above.

Perry Sosa - What? Seems generic? Well this is just a play on the Spanish word for sloth, perezosa.

Snuffy - an homage to the sloth-like elephant shape snuffaluffagus character from Sesame Street. 

David Lee Sloth - When he says that ‘he can’t drive 55’, he means that is way too fast for him. (Only us old sloth fans get this one.)

Real Sloth Names

Earlier this year I wrote an brief article about a sloth adopted by a zoo in Montana who held a contest to name him:

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The name that one:  Winston

That’s a dignified name for a really funny animal. Some other zoos have done the same, or otherwise given the sloths they care for great names.

The Denver Zoo named one of their sloths Charlotte Greenie due to the tendency of sloths to have green fur.

Photo by ZSL

This sloth at the London Zoo was named Edward Scissorhands after the movie character whose hands are long scissors, the same way a sloth’s hands have enormous claws.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence Rhodes Island named this sloth Beanie after a young sloth lover who passed away:

The Atlanta Zoo held a contest to name this newborn baby sloth (🥰🥺🥰) and the winning name was Willow.

Kids Saving the Rainforest have a program where you can adopt a baby sloth that has been rescued. Here is a collage of some of those adorable creatures they are protecting, along with their names:

Your Sloth Name

Finally, just for fun, a little game that The Huffington Post published:

So, according to this, my personal sloth name would be Molasses The Procrastinating Pillow.

What’s your sloth name?

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