10 Amazingly Cute Sloth Mugs and Coffee Cups

Those of us who love sloths also tend to identify with sloths: we love to sleep and tend to take things slow. People who love sloths are very rarely morning people. But we can’t be sloth-like all the time, and luckily there is a magical substance that lets turn into productive humans:  coffee!

Whether it is the coffee you need to get over those sloth instincts, or a cup of tea or hot cacao to relax when you are in sloth mode, here are some great sloth mugs to drink it out of:

Decodyne Sloth Lazy Funny Coffee Mug

A mug is an easy gift. You can always use a cup of joe, or tea, or whisky… and a mug is perfect for sipping.  Some mugs are just simple images on the side, but the Decodyne Sloth mug gives us a 3D experience, and it will surely grab the eye of anyone, especially someone looking for sloth gifts.


Pavilion Gift Company Slow Sloth Gray 17oz Dolomite Coffee Cup Mug

This mug uses the same concept as the previous one, a cute sloth  hanging on the rim of the mug, but in addition it has a sloth design on the side of the mug.  This one is also shiny!

You can purchase it for around $18 on Amazon. 

Lily's Home Rather Be Sleeping Lazy Sloth 3D Animal Mug. 

And if you weren’t sure that there could be more mugs like this, one more. This one comes with a choice of one of 2 sayings, either “I’d rather be sleeping” or “Hang in there”, both great references to sloths.

This one costs $15 on Amazon

Tervis Sloth Nope Not Today Insulated Tumbler

Now if you love coffee (I do!) and you are prone to spilling (I am!) then maybe a tumbler is more your cup of tea (err coffee). 

A 5-star review on Amazon described this tumbler as such:

“ This one was a great value! I use them daily at work & home filled with water/tea & ice. I love collecting them from places we travel, but this one, I knew my daughter would love it. Anything with ‘Nope’ is a teenagers anthem, especially at home, on her precious free time. Tip: use the 11” reusable straws with these cups! They’re easier to sip from when you’re ‘Noping’ around!!”

Grab either one clicking here (Tumbler or Coffee Mug), or visit our shop for more mug options,

 I Just Freaking Love Sloths, OK. Novelty Coffee Mug,

This mug says exactly what it needs to say:  “I Just Freaking Love Sloths, OK”  The message that we want everyone to understand.

This mug  is available for $15 on Amazon.

Funny Cute Sloth with Sombrero Riding White Llama Cartoon

So, if any ‘strange’ animal can compete with sloths for getting what some would say an unusual amount of love from people, it’s the llama.  Both the sloth and the llama are unique animals with a pretty large fanbase and both animals are native to South America.  Strange coincidences, no?  Well, if you happen to love llamas too, here is your chance to have both cute animals together on one mug.

Get this one today at a price of $19 through Amazon.

Sloffee Mugs

These sloth mugs include something else we love: puns!  Have a cup sloffee.

Cute Sloth Sloffee Mug

Available for $15.99 on Amazon.

Sloth Mug Funny Cute Cozy Feeling Slothee Need a Coffee 

Battling our sloth-like instincts with that caffeine!

Get it today on Amazon for $21!

Sloth Head Mugs

Anyone can slap a cute design on the side of a mug, nothing wrong with that. But here are some very special incredibly cute mugs that portray a sloth’s adorable head.

Sloth Face Coffee Mug

To be fair, this is still just a design printed on the mug, but it is soooo good! This is a very realistic image of a sloth. Having this cute face staring at you in the morning is a great way to start your day.

Buy it now for $15.99 

Boston Warehouse Mug, Slow Sloth

This one has a sloth head and sloth arms. A beautiful piece of art, not just your average mug.

This is only $10 on Amazon!

Streamline Sloth Ceramic Coffee Mug

Another unique mug with a lovely design. The sleepy sloth reflects exactly how we usually feel before that coffee kicks in.

Buy it on Amazon for only $12.


As we always say, PopSloth is about a community of sloth lovers. If we are missing some of the cutest sloth mugs, please send us information about the mugs you love!

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